Opportunity Crudes Conference 2010

Hydrocarbon Publishing Co., in affiliation with, held the second biennial Opportunity Crudes Conference in Houston, Texas (US) from Oct. 25-26, with a thematic focus on "technology innovations to satisfy changing market conditions and climate regulations." The conference brought together professionals from the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the hydrocarbon processing industry to discuss market trends, technology advances, and processing strategies.

Attendees discussed how to improve the processing of new/discounted crudes while realizing the constraints and limitations of current processing capacity and infrastructure. Additionally, the drive to meet stringent environmental specifications with an eye on future greenhouse gas emissions legislation was frequently touched upon as refiners, crude producers, and technology suppliers discussed strategies for how to operate in the coming years.

Speakers and Conference Proceedings

During the two-day conference, industry strategists and technological experts from a number of companies around the globe presented 23 papers, with a particular focus on the processing of Canadian bitumen and other opportunity crudes in the Western Hemisphere. Additionally, processing issues related to high-TAN crudes and strategies to maximize liquid product yields, particularly middle distillates, while decreasing CO2 emissions were major focuses. Following each of the four sessions, an expert panel of presenters participated in a moderated Q&A session, enabling speakers and audience members to exchange ideas.

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October 25, 2010 (Monday)

Morning session: Climate Change Bill and Opportunity Crudes Supply

Challenges and Opportunities for Reducing GHG Emissions from Canadian Oil Sands Derived Crudes, Dr. Eddy Isaacs, CEO-Alberta Innovates

Crudes, Non-crudes, Demand & Climate Regulation: the Changing World before Us. Martin Tallett, President-Ensys Energy

Impact of Climate Change Legislation on Heavy Crude Values. Kurt Barrow, Vice President-Purvin & Gertz

Charting the Road Ahead for Canadian Oil Sands Crude. Dr. Praveen Gunaseelan, President & Founder-Vantage Point Energy Consulting

Advanced Business Integration, Real-Time Situational Awareness, and Energy Efficiency with Carbon Footprint Management-The Key to Managing the Carbon Footprint from Opportunity Crudes. Craig Harclerode, Business Development Executive-OSIsoft

Advances in conversion chemistry—Towards Cleaner Manufactured Crudes and Fuels Products from Canadian Bitumen. Dr. Parviz Rahimi, Senior Research Chemist-CanmetENERGY

Afternoon session: Crude Quality, Distribution, and Management

Using Innovative Technology to Optimize Profitability when Processing Opportunity Crudes. Kerlin Lobo, Technical Service Engineer for Petroleum Refineries-Baker Petrolite

Knowing the Acid Crude Nature. Dr. Haydee Quiroga Becerra, Research and Development and Carlos Mejia Miranda, Consulting Engineer-Ecopetrol

Opportunity Crudes: Hidden Challenges that Could Cost Millions. Pat Swafford, Solutions Consultant-Spiral Software

Optimize Crude Blending and Scheduling to Maximize the Benefits of Processing Opportunity Crudes. Louella Bensabat, Principal Business Consultant-Honeywell Process Solutions

The Importance of Separation Modeling in the Evaluation of Opportunity Crudes. John Slaby Senior Consultant and Dean Trierwiler, Director of Business Development- Haverly Systems, Inc.

Heavy Oil Pipeline Drag Reduction Technology. Tim Burden, Senior Engineer and Laura Thomas, Technical Service Engineer-ConocoPhillips

October 26, 2010 (Tuesday)

Morning session: Innovation in Downstream Processing I

New Catalytic Approach to Processing Feedstocks Derived from Opportunity Crudes in Ebullated Bed Hydrocrackers. Dr. David Sherwood, Senior Principal Scientist-Criterion Catalysts and Technology; and David Mountainland, Operations Manager-Headwaters Technology Innovation

Optimal Refinery Processing of Opportunity Crudes While Maintaining Process Integrity. Ralph Goodrich, Principal Consultant-KBC Advanced Technologies

New Resid Conversion FCC Catalyst Technologies Enable Flexibility for Heavier Feed Processing. Joseph McLean, Global Marketing Manager-BASF

Residue Upgrading Options. Steve Sock, Director of Technology-Foster Wheeler

Using Chemical Antifoulant and Heat Exchange Modeling Software to Minimize Fouling Costs for a Blend of Canadian Crudes. Dr. Collin Cross, Product Applications Manager-GE Water and Process Technologies

Issues with Opportunity Crudes in Refinery Distillation Units and Related Circuits. Dr. Russell Kane-iCorrosion

Crude Contaminate Impacts and Management. Sam Lordo, Industry Development Manager-Nalco Energy Services

Afternoon session: Innovations in Downstream Processing II and Carbon Management

SO2 and CO2 Emission Control with CANSOLV SO2 and CO2 Capture Systems. Rick Birnbaum, Licensing Manager-Cansolv Technologies

The Relevance of Slurry Phase Residue Hydrocracking to Today's Market. Anand Subramanian, Vice President, Technology Business Unit - KBR

HTL Upgrader Produces Low Resid SCO — Compatible with FCC Refineries. Edward Koshka, Vice President, Engineering, Marketing & Infrastructure-Ivanhoe Energy

SNOXTM Process for Cleaning of Flue Gas from Combustion of High Sulfur Petroleum Residues. Niels Udengaard, Syngas Technology Manager - Haldor Topsoe Inc


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