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Opportunity Crudes Conferences 2014

This three-day event brings together upstream, midstream, and downstream people working with the heavy sour crudes, oilsands/bitumen, extra heavy oils, and high TAN crudes as well as shale/tight oil and N.G. condensate. We had assembled a diverse team of top industry professionals to present the latest technology innovations, operating experiences, and business strategies relating to processing unconventional, price-advantaged crudes.

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2014 Opportunity Crudes Conference

Keynote Speakers


Conference Agenda

September 14, 2014 (SUNDAY) � Workshop
1300-1345 Low Impact Oil Sands Extraction with a High Value Product Stream EPIC Oil Extractors - Richard Schlosberg
1345-1430 Crude Direct Cracking of Raw Oil Sands Bitumen Natural Resources Canada, CanmetENERGY - Siauw Ng
1430-1515 VGO Market Forecast and Waxy Crudes as FCC Feedstock Newfield Exploration - Alan Yahev
1800-2000 Registration and Reception
September 15, 2014 (MONDAY) � Day 1
0700-0800 Registration and Continental Breakfast
0800-0830 Welcome and Administrative Announcements
Outlooks of Global Crude Markets & Supply Logistics
0830-0900 Keynote/Opening Address - Unconventional Oil and Gas: Reshaping Global Energy Markets the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) - Guy Caruso
0900-0930 North American Crude Supply and Logistics - Outlook and Implications for Producers, Refiners and Markets EnSys Energy -
Martin Tallett
0930-1000 "Market Access for Canadian Crudes � a "Pipe" Dream or "Rail"ity?" CERI - Dinara Millington
1000-1030 Seismic Shifts in US Refining APEC Consulting - Al Troner
1030-1100 Q&A Forum
1100-1130 Refreshment Break
Interworking of Crude Quality Analyses, Assay Management & Blending
1130-1200 Comparison and Decisions on a Condensate Splitter vs. a Pre-flash Tower Peaker Energy - Matthew Goitia
1200-1230 Finding the "Quality" Crudes Crude Quality - Bill Lywood
1230-1300 Quality Tracking, Property Predictions and the Intertek Organic Deposition Programme Intertek - Colin Stewart & Frederick Stubbins
1300-1400 Luncheon
1400-1430 Characterizing and Tracking Contaminants in Opportunity Crudes KBC Advanced Technologies - Eric Streit
1430-1500 Creating Competitive Advantage Through Integration Schneider Electric - Joseph McMullen
1500-1530 Opportunities and Challenges When Processing Light Sweet Shale Oil and Heavy Sour Canadian Oil Sands Crude Invensys Spiral - Hege Dammen
1530-1600 Fast, Accurate Evaluation of Opportunity Crudes Haverly Systems - David Alexander
1600-1630 Refreshment Break
1630-1700 Design Considerations for the Deployment of In-line Crude Oil Blending Technology to Maximise Performance and Return on Investment Cameron Measurement Systems - Jon Moreau
1700-1730 Multi-Variable Crude Oil Blending Using NMR-LP Enhanced Technology Modcon - Gregory Shahnovsky
1730-1800 Paraffinic Unconventional Crude Performance and Benefits Albemarle - Cliff Avery
1800-1830 Q & A Forum
1830-2030 Reception
September 16, 2014 (TUESDAY) � Day 2
0700-0800 Registration and Continental Breakfast
0800-0830 Welcome and Administrative Announcements
Resid Upgrading and Tight Oil Processing
0830-0900 Shale Oil Solutions from the Reservoir to the Refinery Baker Hughes - Carl Weaver
0900-0930 Self-incompatible Crude Oils by Contamination during Transportation Soluble Solutions - Irv Wiehe
0930-1000 Automation to Monitor Heat Exchanger Fouling to Avoid Crude Blend Incompatibility Emerson Process Management - Tim Olsen
1000-1030 Canadian Crude Impacts.....The Other Crude Oil Nalco Champion - Sam Lordo
1030-1100 Refreshment Break
1100-1130 Managing the Corrosion Impacts of Opportunity Crudes ProCorr Consulting Services - Eric Vetters
1130-1200 Advanced Integrity Monitoring Solution Protects Margin Improvement from Processing of Opportunity Crudes Permasense - Peter Collins
1200-1230 FCC Additive Improves Tight Oils Processing Economics with High Iron Feeds Johnson Matthey-INTERCAT - Lucas Revellon
1230-1300 Solutions for Maximizing Value with FCC Feeds from Opportunity Crudes BASF - Alexis Shackleford
1300-1400 Luncheon
Strategies of Increasing Fuel and Petrochemical Yields
1400-1430 VCCTM Technology, Bottoms Upgrading for Today's Market KBR - Cassandra Schoessow & Steve Mayo
1430-1500 Tight Oils in FCC: Issues, Opportunities and Flexible Catalytic Solutions Grace Catalyst Technologies - Michael Federspiel
1500-1530 A Novel Process to Maximize LCO from Existing FCC Units KBR - Rahul Pillai & Gauthnam Krishnaiah
1530-1600 The Changing North American Crude Landscape: Impacts Challenges and Opportunities Turner Mason - John Auers
1600-1630 Q & A Forum


CEM Unit revamps
  • Gazprom Neft completes modernization of AR deep conversion complex. The Russian firm has announced that it has completed a RUB 6B ...More
  • L&T Oman wins EPC contract for Sohar coke facility. Larsen & Toubro Oman has announced that ...More
  • KBR to license ROSE technology to Shell refinery. Royal Dutch Shell will license a ROSE ...more

New Products
  • ASTM procedure approval further opens up XOS' Clora suite of analyzers for crude oil chloride analysis. For more information, visit here

  • XOS has announced the worldwide release of Petra MAX, a new D4294 analyzer with combined analysis of 13 elements from P to Zn. For more information, visit here

  • OMMICA from LUX Assure can save time and money with simple, onsite methanol analysis. For more information, visit here

  • Improve crude diet flexibility and increase your profits with the Baker Hughes Crude Oil Management approacha proactive way to overcome the processing challenges of different crude blends. For more information, visit here

  • Baker Hughes' TOLAD cold-flow additives enhance the low-temperature handling properties of biofuels, petroleum fuels, residual oils, and crude oils. For more information, visit here