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Dorf Ketal

Leader in Global Chemical Industry

Dorf Ketal Chemicals is a global leader in the development, commercialization, marketing and application of specialty engineered chemistries for upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. Founded in 1992, Dorf Ketal has demonstrated product and service excellence in the largest refineries and petrochemical plants in the world.

Dorf Ketal is outperforming long established competitors with new chemistry and service ideas that are more responsive to customer needs and pragmatic to apply. Our portfolio of technologies is world class.

Customer Focused – Market Centric

From the oil well through the refinery and downstream industry segments, we solve the most challenging emulsion, corrosion, flow restriction, fouling and scaling problems in the industry.

Oil & Gas Production - Our customers count on Dorf Ketal for increased production, enhanced equipment life and reduced health, safety and environmental concerns. In depth understanding of the complexity of developing the right solution for oil and gas producers, whether onshore or offshore is a core competency of Dorf Ketal.

Refining - The strength and importance of structural forces with potential to further decrease refining margins are undeniable. Dorf Ketal delivers world class new chemistry benchmarks and process expertise from desalting through distillation, delayed cokers, visbreakers, and hydro-treaters to help refiners deal with these pressures.

Petrochemicals – Dorf Ketal products and services deliver performance, efficiency and reliability to Ethylene, Styrene and Butadiene processes. Our dedicated research team has created a broad portfolio of solutions that deliver the high-performance, efficient, and reliable results.

Well Stimulation - Tyzor® organometallic cross-linkers have been used in oil and gas well stimulation for almost three decades and we are still the leaders in high performance cross-linking of guar and derivative guars.

Lubricant Additives Components - Unique lubricant additives protect your machinery, extend the life of your lubricants and help you achieve sustainability goals for fuel efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

Fuel Additives - Dorf Ketal treats the whole barrel with an industry leading portfolio of fuel additives to upgrade your fuel quality and meet industry requirements. Our field engineers deliver treatment recommendations and supply chain support for customers in Refining, Pipelines, Terminals, Cargo, Power and Marine markets.

Commitment to Environment, Health and Safety

Dorf Ketal manufactures specialty chemicals to stringent, consistent quality, health, safety, security and environmental (QHSSE) standards in every country in which we operate. Our conviction is to meet or exceed the QHSSE requirements and regulations, both explicit and implied, established by our customers and government and regulatory partners. Dorf Ketal’s integrated QHSSE management system includes research and development, manufacturing and supply chain activities and relies upon a robust integrated management system (IMS) that conforms to the highest industry requirements. We adhere to the European Commission’s REACH and United States’ TSCA requirements, along with other country and region standards worldwide. Dorf Ketal’s QHSSE policy includes Responsible Care requirements and applies to all Dorf Ketal global operations. Our North American operations were initially certified in 2008 to the Responsible Care Management system® and our manufacturing operations in India were audited and approved as meeting Responsible Care requirements as defined by the Indian Chemical Council in 2014. Dorf Ketal’s multidisciplinary product stewardship program aligns with our QHSSE policies and its global commitment to Responsible Care© Guiding Principles and codes of practice.

Address: 11200 Westheimer Road, Suite 400, Houston, TX 77042
Phone: +1 713 343-2377
Fax: +1 832 649-7615


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