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The theme of the 2014 event is "Downstream meets Upstream: Right Crudes to Make Products in Demand" as the global refining industry has faced considerable changes in crude supply and fuel demand since our last biennial conference in 2012.

Refiners face major changes in crude and fuel markets

Crude Supply

In North America, production of tight oil and NG condensate is accelerating, resulting in global crude supply shift sending more crudes from Africa and Latin America to Asia. Stalling of the highly anticipated Keystone XL pipeline in the US places uncertainty over the outlets of Canadian oilsand bitumen: US, Asia or Europe? Corrosion and fouling coupled with immiscibility problems in so-called "dumbbell" crudes strains processing efficiency and costs.

Fuel Demand

US refiners export increasing amount of fuels (particularly diesel) to many parts of the world as Europe tackles declining demand at home and export competition. The global fuel oil market is shrinking as IMO mandates lowering sulfur content in bunker fuels. Robust shale plays in the US render naphtha surplus and offer plant revamp opportunities to meet robust global demand for fuels, light olefins, and BTX.

Why you should attend?

The changes and uncertainties are testing the capability and ingenuity of refiners and vendors around the world. It is why we have assembled a diverse team of over 30 international technology experts and business strategists to share their experiences, present solutions, and reveal insights into the latest technologies and strategies in processing unconventional, price-advantaged crudes (e.g. heavy sour grades, oilsands/bitumen, extra heavy oil, acidic/high TAN crudes, shale/tight oil, and NG condensate.)

Of course, you donít want to miss out on ample opportunities of learning new knowledge, exchanging ideas, and networking with your colleagues in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.

So, join us and register today for this most celebrated biennial event in the refining industry.

***Attendees are eligible for Continuing Learning Education (CLE) credits for professional engineer license.

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