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A "Perfect Storm" in Refining :
Volatile Market, Changing Crudes, Shifting Product Slate
& Tightening Fuel Standards

Nowadays, refiners are facing a compound of challenges in a perfect storm, which may linger for a while. Are you equipped to overcome these obstacles? Come to our timely conference to learn solutions from international oil strategists and technology experts, and share ideas with colleagues from around the world. The theme of this celebrated biennial event is "Effective Ways to Evaluate, Prepare, and Process Changing Crudes to Meet Shifting Product Slate."

The conference is just around the corner. If you register by September 30, you can save 10% off the attendance fee.

Crude price fluctuations have prompted refiners to look for bargains in the spot market. Unfortunately, changing crude types more frequently and increased blending of different crudes together are creating a lot of problems. The problems go beyond crude-refinery mismatch as "improper" blending to make look-alike crudes can produce feedstocks with dumbbell qualities and generate undesirable product mix. Drastic changes in crude and blend properties can also lead to reliability concerns, lower energy efficiency, poor catalyst performance, and even safety problems. Furthermore, increasingly stringent fuel specs such as Tier III and Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in the US, and Euro 5 (and even 6, 7) in other parts of the world are exacerbating the hardship for many refiners at the time of fuel gluts and poor refining margins.

There are five major sessions:

  1. Global Crude Outlooks – Impacts and Implications for Refiners
  2. Insights and Unique Perspectives on Oil Trading & Exports/Imports
  3. Effective Blending Strategies & Use of Internet of Things (IoT) to Improve Profitability
  4. Crude Management to Avoid Pitfalls of Changing Feedstocks
  5. Technology Flexibility to Meet Shifting Product Slate

For details of the agenda, please click here. The conference is designed for refinery professionals, oil traders and buyers, and technology providers.


Well-focused event

This biennial meeting gathers industry people interested in processing price-advantaged crudes. Conference topics are selected to reflect current interests, including global crude markets and supply logistics, oil trading, crude quality analyses, assay management and blending, refinery planning and economics, crude scheduling, fouling and corrosion controls, residue and heavy oil upgrading, and light tight oil processing.

Learning from the experts

Our high-caliber speakers are well-known for their business insights and technology expertise. Their presentations provide the latest technology and operational advancements using case studies and actual plant experiences. You'll have an opportunity to consult the speakers directly, exchange ideas with fellow attendees face-to-face.

Connecting to upstream and midstream

To take advantage of the synergy in serving the oil industry, the upcoming event is coordinated with the Crude Oil Quality Association's (www.coqa-inc.org) meeting in the same hotel on Sept. 13 and ASTM's crude oil training course to be taught by Mr. Harry Giles in a nearby hotel a few days later.

Opportunities of networking beyond local

Our attendees come from all around the world (including Belgium, France, Hungary, India, Israel, Japan, Norway, Russia, Turkey, and United Kingdom). The meeting gives you global perspectives and a chance to keep in touch with current colleagues and establish new contacts during receptions, group luncheons, and refreshment breaks.

This biennial event is well-known in the industry. Over 94.5% of attendees in the previous four Opportunity Crudes Conferences rated their overall experiences as good or excellent.

If you are interested in joining us in this celebrated event, register today here to take advantage of the pre-conference discount. We look forward to seeing you in Houston.

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