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Sponsor grants Hydrocarbon Publishing Company a limited license to use Sponsorís logo in Opportunity Crudes Conference 2018 promotional material and on the event website. This Agreement shall become effective on the date signed on the Sponsor Contract and will remain in effect until all responsibilities set out are fulfilled. The parties acknowledge that they will use their best good faith efforts to negotiate and resolve subsequent issues that may arise from this Agreement as a result of unforeseen occurrences and that may alter the conditions of this Agreement.


Hydrocarbon Publishing Company maintains the right to edit, revise, or reject any advertisement for any reason. The Sponsor assumes liability for all content (including text representation, illustrations, posters, etc.) of advertisements published and also assumes responsibility for any claims arising from advertisements made against Hydrocarbon Publishing Company or its affiliates, including all costs associated with defending any such claim. Positions of advertising material are at the discretion of Hydrocarbon Publishing Company. Adjustments or refunds will not be made because of position. Hydrocarbon Publishing Company is not responsible for errors in advertisements.

Cancellation of Contract

Any cancellations or request for changes of this contract must be made in writing and forwarded to sponsor18@opportunitycrudes.com . No refunds will be given after March 31, 2018.

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Payment may be paid by check, money order, wire transfer, or credit card. Further payment details will be available on invoice.

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