Court orders crude held against PDVSA's debt. 2017-03-23

A court in St Maarten in the Caribbean has ordered a 545K-bbl cargo Venezuelan crude held until a UK High Court rules on a $30MM claim for unpaid charter...

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Ineos buys up more shale gas assets. 2017-03-23

The Swiss-based chemical company announced on March 9 that that it had bought the UK shale gas interests of French energy firm Engie...

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Heavy crude OSPs set slightly higher for March. 2017-03-20

Official Selling Prices (OSPs) for select heavy grades were mostly set marginally higher on the month. Iranian Heavy and Mexican Maya inched up, while Iraq's Basra Heavy posted a sharper increase...

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Integration of Delayed Coker and Hydrocracker

In order to reduce fuel oil, natural gas, and fuel gas consumption along with a reduction in CO2 emissions, some refiners are...Read more

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US coking, cracking margins rise on the Gulf Coast. 2017-03-20

Coking and cracking margins posted small increases on the Gulf Coast in Jan., up for the second month in a row, while margins in the Midcontinent were less rosy, posting...

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A keynote presentation by Guy Caruso of CSIS.

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We've seen this movie before

Even as OPEC reported that its members had achieved their targets, the group saw trouble on the horizon in light of rising stock inventories not only in the US, but also in Europe....Read more

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What's the most popular crude grade in the world?

Geographically, oil quality is different in various regions, though medium and sour grade was predominant on a worldwide basis from 2000 to 2015...Read more



Unit revamps
  • Gazprom Neft completes modernization of AR deep conversion complex. The Russian firm has announced that it has completed a RUB 6B ...More
  • L&T Oman wins EPC contract for Sohar coke facility. Larsen & Toubro Oman has announced that ...More
  • KBR to license ROSE technology to Shell refinery. Royal Dutch Shell will license a ROSE® ...more

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  • Improve crude diet flexibility and increase your profits with the Baker Hughes Crude Oil Management™ approach—a proactive way to overcome the processing challenges of different crude blends. For more information, visit here

  • Baker Hughes' TOLAD™ cold-flow additives enhance the low-temperature handling properties of biofuels, petroleum fuels, residual oils, and crude oils. For more information, visit here

  • Maxxam Analytics' offers services to predict and measure viscosity of crude oil blends. For more information, visit here

  • XPLORER-NS analyzer by TE Instruments can measure simultaneously total sulfur and total nitrogen of refinery feedstock ranging from low ppb's to high ppm's, yet the analyzer is the smallest in today's market. For more information, visit here

  • Exova's expertise in oil pipeline corrosion testing helps operators identify variables ahead of the problems, e.g. construction materials, operating conditions, designs, fabrication, and of course, and crude sour levels. For more information, visit here