Shutdown of oilsands operations costly. 2016-05-23

The potential for prolonged outages at thermal projects has also been raised as the costs of idling these complexes and then restarting production is quite high, with the restart process itself also...

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France considers boycotting shale gas. 2016-05-24

French utilities Engie and EDF have attracted the ire of Energy Minister Segolene Royal by signing contracts for the purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG)—some of which is shale gas...

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Heavy crude OSPs climb again in May. 2016-05-10

Official Selling Prices (OSPs) for select heavy grades were set higher in May, building on sharp increase in April. The OSP for Iranian Heavy posted the steepest rise and was set...

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New Products

Integration of Delayed Coker and Hydrocracker

In order to reduce fuel oil, natural gas, and fuel gas consumption along with a reduction in CO2 emissions, some refiners are...Read more

Futures prices

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Japex decides to suspend SAGD operations. 2016-05-20

Scramble for substitutes on loss of Canadian barrels. 2016-05-19

Canadian oilsands production may set back for a while. 2016-05-18

Prospects Argentine shale may be improving. 2016-05-20

White Star buys Oklahoma shale acreage. 2016-05-19

Bakken output (barely) falls in March. 2016-05-18

US coking, cracking margins rebound in March. 2016-05-10

Coking and cracking margins rebounded in March from recent dips, with the Gulf Coast seeing small...

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White papers

Increased blending is both a blessing and a curse. Part 2

As discussed in Part 1 of this paper published earlier, declining crude prices encourage more spot purchases...

Market Insights

Asian refiners benefit from intensive competition among crude suppliers.

Major crude producers are eyeing the biggest importing region of the world: Asia. Dwindling revenues due to falling oil prices and desperate attempt to protect market shares by major oil importers have translated into a "cut-throat" battle....Read more

Trends and Statistics

Tight oil and gas reserves and production for the US by PADD.

As shown in Table 1, the recoverable resources and current production of tight oil and shale gas in the......Read more

Unit revamps
  • Gazprom Neft completes modernization of AR deep conversion complex. The Russian firm has announced that it has completed a RUB 6B ...More
  • L&T Oman wins EPC contract for Sohar coke facility. Larsen & Toubro Oman has announced that ...More
  • KBR to license ROSE technology to Shell refinery. Royal Dutch Shell will license a ROSE® ...more

New Products
  • LT Industries' Parafuel analyzer measures oil sand composition in bitumen extraction and upgrading via grab samples, cores or in-process. For more information, visit here

  • Baker Hughes SULFIX™ H2S scavengers and services reduce the level of hydrogen sulfide gas in crude oil, intermediates, and refined products. here

  • PAC offers true boil point (TBP) report by combining the results of DHA Front End (FE) and High Temp (HT) SIMDIS analyses. here

  • XOS's Clora Accu-Flow allows direct total chlorine measurement with elimination of the settling of inorganic chloride salts. here

  • Clariant's DISSOLVAN® and PHASETREAT® demusifiers reduce corrosion by chloride salts in the crude unit overhead. here