Watch the Opportunity Crudes Management Seminar (OCMS) series:
"Do you have the right stuff (crude cuts)? - Part 1. Crude Selection" in September 2017.

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Opportunity Crude Management Seminar (OCMS)

Come to check out our 45-minute tutorial videos on challenges and opportunities of processing opportunity crudes or price-advantaged crudes

Provide the latest information and insightful knowledge that allows you to make better and informed decisions at work

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In the seminar, we discuss Global Crude Market, Crude Quality Concerns, and Important Criteria for Crude Selection.

Lotos receives first shipment of Canadian crude. 2017-09-21

Poland's second-largest refiner said on Sept 4 that it had received a 100K-mt (almost 700K bbl) cargo of Hibernia crude from Canada. Lotos said that it was "in...

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Indigenous groups blocking Vaca Muerta wells, Dow wants to pull out. 2017-09-21

Indigenous Mapuche communities have cut off access to 14 wells in the Loma de la Lata field in the Vaca Muerta shale play since the beginning of...

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Heavy crude OSPs are set lower for second straight month in July. 2017-07-18

Official Selling Prices (OSPs) for select heavy grades fell in July, set lower for the second month in a row but the declines were not as steep as were seen for the June prices. The Arabian Heavy...

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Complete list of OCMS topics:

  1. What's in your crudes?
    (Part 1: non-metals and Part 2: metals)
  2. Do you have the right stuff (crude cuts)? (Part 1: Crude Selection; Part 2: Crude Assays, Blend Recipes & Blending Strategies)
  3. We are not compatible
  4. Crude blending 101: assay and simulation
  5. Look-alike vs dumbbell crudes
  6. A lot of problems: fouling and corrosion
  7. You are corrosive: naphthenic acids, high TAN crudes
  8. Don't take it lightly: challenges in processing LTO
  9. Getting heavy: Concarbon, asphaltenes
  10. What about BoB (Bottom of the Barrel)?
  11. Taking care of the bottoms
  12. Mismatch: crudes and refinery configuration.

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New Products

Integration of Delayed Coker and Hydrocracker

In order to reduce fuel oil, natural gas, and fuel gas consumption along with a reduction in CO2 emissions, some refiners are...Read more

Futures prices

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US coking, cracking margins pull back in May. 2017-07-18

Coking and cracking margins on the Gulf Coast and in the Midcontinent dipped in May. The declines on the Gulf Coast followed two months of slight or moderate...

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White papers

A keynote presentation by Guy Caruso of CSIS.

Market Insights

We've seen this movie before

Even as OPEC reported that its members had achieved their targets, the group saw trouble on the horizon in light of rising stock inventories not only in the US, but also in Europe....Read more

Trends and Statistics

Oil benchmark prices falter during H1 2017 despite OPEC production cut.

Oil futures prices ended down during the first half of 2017, which also happened to be the six-month period for OPEC’s initial deal...Read more


CEM Unit revamps
  • Gazprom Neft completes modernization of AR deep conversion complex. The Russian firm has announced that it has completed a RUB 6B ...More
  • L&T Oman wins EPC contract for Sohar coke facility. Larsen & Toubro Oman has announced that ...More
  • KBR to license ROSE technology to Shell refinery. Royal Dutch Shell will license a ROSE® ...more

New Products
  • XOS has announced the worldwide release of Petra MAX™, a new D4294 analyzer with combined analysis of 13 elements from P to Zn. For more information, visit here

  • OMMICA™ from LUX Assure can save time and money with simple, onsite methanol analysis. For more information, visit here

  • Improve crude diet flexibility and increase your profits with the Baker Hughes Crude Oil Management™ approach—a proactive way to overcome the processing challenges of different crude blends. For more information, visit here

  • Baker Hughes' TOLAD™ cold-flow additives enhance the low-temperature handling properties of biofuels, petroleum fuels, residual oils, and crude oils. For more information, visit here

  • Maxxam Analytics' offers services to predict and measure viscosity of crude oil blends. For more information, visit here