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Conference theme: Crude Disruptors: Accelerating Changes in Global Refining

Change is not new in the refining world, but the magnitude and speed of the oil price collapse of over 70% from mid-2014 to early 2016 caused by an oil glut is significant. Despite recent price recovery, the oil market remains volatile and supply is uncertain because of OPEC production cuts, global political tensions, and rising non-OPEC output and exports, presenting considerable risks for refiners around the world. In particular, buying price-advantaged (or sometimes called opportunity) crudes—often with lower quality—from non-traditional sources can be lucrative but also disruptive to refinery operations.

In fact, there are quite a few disruptors in the current market, e.g. the US shale boom and lifting of the export ban, the resumption of Iranian oil exports, Russia pivoting to Asia from Europe, and the growing use of alternative crudes to replace missing Mideast medium sour and Venezuelan heavy—have significantly changed the underlying supply dynamics as refiners must meet shifting product demand because of consumption and environmental reasons. Can refiners fight two battles at the same time?

Conference goal: Our attendees will learn from conference speakers and network with colleagues on how refiners can overcome current crude disruptors by devising better business strategies, finding ways to increase operational flexibility, and adopting new technologies to turn challenges into opportunities.

Five Topical Sessions

SESSION 1: Global oil market outlooks: geopolitics, US pro-export policy, OPEC strategies, peak demand

SESSION 2: Challenges & opportunities in oil trading, exports/imports & infrastructure/logistics

SESSION 3: Crude contaminants, incompatibility, blending strategies amid changing feedstocks

SESSION 4: Flexibility of LTO processing & bottoms upgrading to make products in demand

SESSION 5: Big Data analytics and emerging adoption of IoT in crude selection, management, and refining

So far, we have received presentation confirmations from:

Axens N.A.
Baker Hughes GE
Canadian Energy Res. Inst.
Dorf Ketal
Energy Analysts Int'l.
Emerson Automation Solutions
Modcon Systems
Nalco Champion
PetroStor Tech
ProCorr Consulting
Schneider Electric
Sensor Networks
Well Resources
Upgrading Solutions

Feedbacks in Previous Conferences

As in the previous conferences, we had received excellent feedbacks from our attendees. Over 95% of the attendees in the previous five Opportunity Crudes Conferences rated their overall experience as good or excellent. 98% of the 5th meeting in 2016 said they will be attending the next conference.

Coordinated with Crude Oil Quality Association (http://www.coqa-inc.org/) event (which will be held on Oct. 24-25)

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If you have questions about this well-celebrated biennial event, please contact Matt Wunder, Conference Manager at info@opportunitycrudes.com.

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