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Conference theme: Crude Disruptors: Accelerating Changes in Global Refining

You are cordially invited to submit an abstract of a presentation at our upcoming biennial meeting. It is designed to help refiners tackle challenges and benefit from processing opportunity crudes in a constantly changing crude market.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times newspaper, Spanish oil firm Repsol's CEO Josu Jon Imaz said, "The only certainty in the oil market is volatility." At present, oil market volatility and supply uncertainty are prompting many refiners around the world to buy opportunity crudes, either conventional or unconventional, even from new suppliers to take advantage of cheaper prices. These new grades are known to pose unfamiliar challenges for refiners while they have to meet shifting product demand because of consumption and environmental reasons. Can refiners fight two "battles" at the same time?

Oil is a commodity and its price movement is often dictated by supply and demand fundamentals. However, recent market disruptors—such as the US shale boom and the lifting of export ban in Dec. 2015, and resumption of Iranian oil exports in Jan. 2016—have significantly changed the underlying supply dynamics. Since the US is not part of the OPEC oil cartel, export of US oil, particularly shale or light tight oil (LTO), is considered the most disruptive because its supply and prices are market driven instead of being bound by a quota. Furthermore, shale properties and resultant product make (in terms of diesel volume and octane quality) are rather different from many conventional grades and therefore refiners need to acquire new processing skills.

Our goal is for our attendees to learn from conference speakers and network with colleagues on how refiners can overcome current crude disruptors in terms of devising better business strategies, finding ways to increase operational flexibility, and adopting new technologies to turn challenges into opportunities.

Feedbacks in Previous Conferences

As in our previous conferences (https://opportunitycrudes.com/?topics=opcconf), we had received excellent feedbacks from our attendees. Over 95% of the attendees in the previous five Opportunity Crudes Conferences rated their overall experience as good or excellent. 98% of the 5th meeting in 2016 said they will be attending the next conference and 100% will recommend to their colleagues.

Drivers behind Upcoming Conference

There are five key drivers for this conference, namely (1) continued crude market volatility and impacts of US oil exports, (2) challenges and opportunities in ongoing fuel demand shift, (3) novel refining strategies in light of disruptions by opportunity crudes, (4) individual unit revamps and operation changes when processing LTO with other crudes, and (5) advanced digital technologies to take advantage of changing crudes. Please click here (https://opportunitycrudes.com/houston2018/5drivers.php) for details.

Five Topical Sessions

The upcoming conference is organized into five sessions in two and a half days:

SESSION 1: Global oil market outlooks: geopolitics, US pro-export policy, OPEC strategies, peak demand;

SESSION 2: Challenges & opportunities in oil trading, exports/imports & infrastructure/logistics;

SESSION 3: Crude contaminants, incompatibility, blending strategies amid changing feedstocks;

SESSION 4: Flexibility of LTO processing & bottoms upgrading to make products in demand; and

SESSION 5: Big data analytics and emerging adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) in crude selection, management, and refining.

Benefits for Speakers

As a speaker, your knowledge will be recognized and appreciated by your peers around the world. Also, the meeting would open new business opportunities for your company. Best of all, the conference is a hotbed for exchanging ideas, sharing of experiences, and networking with new and old friends from downstream, upstream, and midstream businesses worldwide. Your registration is complimentary.

Coordinated with COQA Event

Again, we are coordinating this upcoming event with the Crude Oil Quality Association (www.coqa-inc.org) for its fall meeting (Oct. 24-25, i.e. immediately right after our meeting) to take advantage of the synergy in addressing the pressing industry needs.

If you are interested in presenting in this well celebrated biennial event, please advise us at your earliest convenience by visiting http://www.opportunitycrudes.com/houston2018/callforpapers.php  and then submitting an abstract by January 31, 2018.

Thank you and I am looking forward to seeing you in Houston.

Best regards,

Matt Wunder
Conference Manager
Tel: 1-610-408-0116 (US), info@opportunitycrudes.com
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